Arch City is perfectly situated within Foreign Trade Zone 138 and has land-lease opportunities in this highly desirable area that will fit the needs of businesses in the retail, manufacturing, warehousing and transportation sectors. Arch City is the best choice for your off-site storage needs.

  • Arch City provides secure long-term storage of customer-owned and rented semi-trailers and shipping containers. Customers that do not require daily or weekly access to equipment or their contents are eligible for this option.
  • Arch City offers secure lots with individual 24/7 access so that business can be managed directly from your rented lot at Arch City’s site.
  • Arch City is located only half a mile from Rickenbacker International Airport which is a booming hub for logistics, transportation and warehousing fulfillment on the southside of Columbus, OH

Get the edge on competition and contact Arch City at (877) 245-0085 or request a quote for more information about land-lease opportunities in this highly desirable area.

(877) 245-0085