Arch City is perfectly equipped to help retail customers with seasonal or holiday trends as well as any other surge requirements. Our equipment can also be used to help manage overflow product at locations with capacity issues. We offer flexible storage options including dry van semi-trailers and ground-level shipping containers to meet a variety of different budgetary constraints. Equipment can either be stored at your location or at our off-site, secure facility.

  • Shipping Containers are great as ground-level storage that is perfect to securely store dry goods such as overflow merchandise, racking systems or packaging materials.
  • Semi-Trailers are idle as a dock extension especially if you need to have more space on your facility’s floor for new inventory. They are also versatile as the trailers can easily be moved in and out of dock for loading and unloading.
  • If you are running out parking space at your facility, semi-trailers and shipping containers can be stored at Arch City’s secure site.

Contact us directly at (877) 245-0085 or request a quote for more information on what Arch City can do for your business.

(877) 245-0085